Make your 2016 clutter free

Candle holder style 1

Happy New Year guys!!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year. Wishing you all the very best for 2016.

Whilst taking down our Christmas decorations yesterday I actually felt like I had the urge to de-clutter and have a little Winter clean.

My Wild Fig and Cassis Jo Malone Candle has just run out and I love the packaging so much I thought I’d turn it into a little make-up brush holder for my new  make-up brushes.


Candle holder style 2

It’s so simple to do and I think looks very sleek and modern on your dressing table.

  1. When the candle has burnt down fully and will no longer light it’s ready to transform!
  2. Pour boiling water (from the kettle) into the candle holder, half way. Be careful the glass can get very hot.
  3. Take a cutlery knife (you don’t need anything sharp just a normal dinner knife is fine). Tease the wax away from the edge. It should take the remainder of the wax away from the glass.
  4. Dispose of the wax and the wick. Take the glass jar and place in the sink. You might find some of the wax settles mid-way where the water stops. Pour some more boiling water into the glass until it overflows and pushes the wax up (make sure it’s in the sink so you don’t burn yourself!)
  5. Once the wax has come out fill the glass jar with cold water from the tap cleaning out the glass fully. Finish by wiping over the glass jar.
  6. If there’s any waxy residue left in the sink just pour on boiling water straight from the kettle which will wash it away.

You can also use these for cotton buds, cotton wool… maybe odd bits of jewellery or hairbands… Obviously you don’t just have to use Jo Malone you can use a whole host of different candles, shapes and styles to suit your taste and I love the idea of recycling something which is actually really useful!

Here’s to a clutter free 2016…

Lots of love,



3 thoughts on “Make your 2016 clutter free

  1. Great tip h I love the jars that the Yankee candle come in and I am not going to throw them out now as you have given me some great ideas thanks x


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