Pink Pouts!

loreal 3

I’ve really been enjoying the tailored lipstick collections from L’Oreal. We’ve had the Reds, Julianne’s is a fabulous fire orange red – it’s absolutely beautiful and my stand out favorite of the range. The Nudes, Eva’s is a gorgeous peachy brown shade which I actually love, something different to what I’d normally choose but still a great shade.

And now *drum roll please* we have the Pinks! I have to say when choosing a lip colour I definitely veer towards the red/pink/berry shades so I was very excited when I finally managed to pin down all five shades of the Pink collection.

loreal 2

Shades above from left to right

Helen’s Pink is very sheer. You can actually hardly see it in the swatch photograph (below). It’s a delicate pale pink with an iridescent finish. Pretty if you want something very VERY subtle.

Liya’s Pink is a rich pink lipstick to beautifully contrast against deeper skin tones.

Blake’s Pink is an orange pink complementing fair complexions.

Eva’s Pink is a peachy pink shade with a slight yellow pigment. Its aimed to compliment complexions with warm undertones

Naomi’s Pink has a slightly mauve tone and suited fair skin tones.

Loreal 1

As much as I love these ranges, I have to say I’m not too sure about the finish of the Pink collection lipsticks. They’re a lot more sheer than what I would typically go for. They’re described as having a ‘sheer powdery matte finish’. I like a lipstick with quite a opaque matte finish if I’m honest or something which is a satin finish but highly pigmented… however these are very pretty shades and they do last well. Helen in particular is a very very sheer shade, I mean come on you can hardly even see the swatch (but it is there I swear!) ha ha I have a little bit of a mixed view on them.

I think these veer on the side of more classic shades than a lipstick that is going to pop like MAC’s ‘Girl About Town’ or ‘Pink Nouveau’. I’m a bit of an 80’s child at heart and I love a bit of a frosted pink (I know – please don’t judge!). These, for me, although are pretty probably wont be making it into my every day make up kit like the Julianne Red has but that aside they’re great for mixing or experimenting with different looks. If you prefer a sheer lippie then I’d recommend having a little swatch when you’re next in Boots (other pharmacies are available!) ;0) I actually like the shades I think it’s just the finish I’m not too keen on.

If I had to pick one I’d have to say Blake’s Pink. It’s a beautiful pinky-orange shade which is actually pretty vibrant to look at before application and probably the one most suited to my skin tone. I just wish it was a little more opaque but having said this the colours are buildable and they actually feel very silky on the lips and comfortable to wear. So yes, I am a little torn! Overall they’re a great price-point and there is often a 3 for 2 offer on them so I think for £6.99 per lipstick it is a good value even if you’re not going to wear them every single day.

I’m really enjoying these ranges – I wonder what L’Oreal has up its sleeve for the next collection!

Have you tried the L’Oreal Pink range? What did you think? Did you have a favourite? Did you like the formula?

Lots of love x

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