Get your Chiara on! #Pimpmychiara

Who wouldn’t love the chance to pretend they’re a shoe designer (even if it is in the comfort of your own home whilst you drink hot chocolate and catch up on the Real Housewives of Cheshire – gotta heart that show).

So when I found out about the Sophia Webster #Pimpmychiara challenge I went all of a quiver.

Not only are Sophia’s shoes utterly gorgeous, I love the bright colours and fun designs but to get a chance to design your own pair? – Erm yes please! I want a bit of that action!

Here is my design which Sophia has actually liked on my Instagram this morning (I’m super excited about this) – even if I don’t win I’m utterly thrilled that she thought they were just a little bit OK. :0)

Sophia Webster

If you #Pimpmychiara on Instagram a whole host of amazing designs are on there, seriously go… now… check it out! Some of them are sooo good, I don’t actually know how they’re going to decide on a winner!

If you fancy a chance of entering all the details are on the website here.

Even if you just want to enter for a bit of fun and release that inner child inside, digging out the pens and pencils and having a good old colouring in session.

I think it’s such a great competition and the winner actually gets to have their design made into a pair of Chiara’s. WOW!!

What are you waiting for…. get colouring!

Lots of love x

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