Make Up Forever Mini Haul

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages and I honestly can’t believe it wasn’t one of the first I posted because I absolutely adore all of these products.

Back in July I took a little trip to Debenhams on Oxford Street, I was actually after the Urban Decay de-slick setting spray in an effort to try and pump some longevity into my make-up. Whilst I was in there I stumbled across the ‘Make Up Forever’ counter, which I have to say I was EXTREMELY excited about. Make Up Forever is one of those brands I had heard so much about for such a long time on blogs and on YouTube videos but which was very difficult to buy in store… until now *cue hyperventilation*.

I wanted to order the HD foundation so many times in the past but it’s not the cheapest and I had absolutely no idea what shade to get or if I’d even like the formula. So when I accidentally bumped into the MUF counter it took all my strength not to dive in head first – quite literally into every single product.

So what did I buy?

Well, I thought if I’m going to do it I’ve got to get stuck in and get a few products (obvs!). I suffer with combination / oily skin and whilst I’ve used primers in the past I have to hand on heart say that I have never really found any that give my base make up that extra staying power…Which is why was actually on a mission to buy the Urban Decay setting spray in the first place. I spoke to the make-up assistant on the MUF counter whom was very helpful. She actually ended up doing a mini-makeover on me suggesting products for my skin type.

I went with the MUF mattifying primer – what a game changer for me. This stuff is AHH-MAZING if you have combination / oily skin. The MUF HD foundation is beautiful, looks brilliant in photographs and is definitely worth buying (let’s get to that later) however what’s the point in getting the foundation if in two hours after application it it’s sliding down your face? This primer for me, is exceptional. I’ve tried lots of primers in the past from high-street to high-end including the infamous Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, I’ve got to say MUF, in my opinion wins hands down – there’s not even a contest. If you don’t have oily skin, lucky you! :0) Just joking – this primer has nine (yes NINE) variations, so if have redness or dehydrated skin there’s something for you too! If you’re unsure what one to choose speak to a consultant and don’t be shy about asking for a sample.

Right, now, the HD Foundation. This really is worth the hype. I cannot tell you how many people asked what foundation / make up I was wearing when I first brought this product. We had a lot of weddings this year and I knew there would be lots of photographs so it’s one of the reasons I decided to get this as I’d watched / read so much about it. My friends have even brought this after seeing what it does. It just looks so lovely on the skin, it gives a dewy finish and isn’t cakey. I find applying the product straight to my skin and then blending it in with a Real Techniques buffing brush gives me the best finish. The real magic is on camera though. If you’re looking for a matte foundation without using the HD Powder or any powder then this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a foundation with mid-coverage and a dewy finish which is superior in photos than any others I’ve tried then this is a great choice. If you have a party / wedding / celebration coming up where you are going to be in a lot of pictures – get this! It photographs beautifully.

Alongside the primer and foundation I brought the HD Powder. Now, I know you’ve all seen the horror shots of celebrities on the red carpet looking like they’ve just had a fight with a bag of flour. I’m not going to lie, this was a concern of mine. I asked the MUA how to apply this and it’s really not hard. It just involves tapping off the brush so you don’t get a huge build-up of product. I’ve used this powder lots and it’s safe to say as long as you don’t completely cake yourself in the stuff you will be fine. Even with flash photography using this HD Powder I haven’t had an experience of Casper face … so don’t be scared.

Now, normally if you buy three products from one brand at the same time I think the likelihood of you absolutely loving them all is probably quite slim. Without a shadow of a doubt I will be re-purchasing all three products as soon as they run out (I actually just a bit scared of them running out because I really do think they’re brilliant). I personally think I’ll have to go some to find another primer which works that well at controlling my skin and keeping the foundation in place. The MUF HD Foundation is great on camera and perfect for special occasions and the HD Powder just finishes this off – just don’t go crazy with it and make sure you tap the excess off the brush.

And do you know what?! I did end up buying Urban Decay Setting Mist too and if I have a looooong night out and give my skin a spritz of that – my face isn’t moving till the morning. :0)

Have you used any of the MUF products? What do you think? Any more primers you think that will beat this? I’d love to hear from you.

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