My Autumn lust list

Is it just me or do you love it when the seasons start to change? … Yep, OK, just me then!

I can’t help it, I love the transition from Summer to Autumn, digging out those clothes you put into storage last Spring and feeling like you’ve done a massive haul, finding fashion goodies you’d completely forgotten about.

I’d be the first to admit that this Summer has hardly been the sunniest in the UK but that hasn’t stopped me looking forward to digging out the knitwear and lusting over some new slippers heels.

Here are a few beauties I’d love to get my hands on.

September favourites 2015

  • Zara Home – 2016 diary

I know we’ve not quite finished 2015 just yet but I love getting a new diary ready to start a brand new year. The fact I adore stationery helps too! This version is gold but Zara do other variations equally as stylish, and this will not run out of battery on you!

  • Hobbs – Coat

Every morning I walk past Hobbs and for the past few weeks I have been lusting over this coat… hard. It wouldn’t be my go-to colour for Autumn / Winter but it’s cheered me up many mornings, it’s just so darn pretty. Now I just need to find the £600 to cover the price-tag, oh well a girl can dream…

  • H&M – Eyeshadow palette

They’ve only gone and done it! H&M have released a whole new range of beauty products in some rather swish art-deco packaging. I’m yet to purchase anything from the range but I have to say it all looks very enticing. This palette has some gorgeous autumnal shades and something I’d love to get my grubbing little mitts on.

  • Topshop sweatshirt

I’m loving a sweatshirt at the moment. Is it anything to do with the 90’s revival I wonder? I vaguely remember having to be surgically removed from a Fruit of the Loom number circa ‘96. This looks like it could fill that void nicely, with its ‘Upper East Side’ wording I’m sure to feel as sophisticated as I did back then.

  • Meli Melo – Bag

I first discovered Meli Melo a few years ago now. After stalking a clutch bag on their website for what seemed like an age I finally gave in and ordered it. Within 3 hours of purchasing online the bag was in my hands … it was at that moment I knew it was love.

  • Reiss – Booties

I do love a pair of shoes from Reiss, always a good idea and investment. They always last well and something as classic as these would definitely get a lot of wear this season.

  • Chanel – Eyeshadow palette

Well, what can I say. Chanel have just released this beautiful palette and I have to say it’s has such neutral and pretty shades it really looks like a keeper you could have until you ‘hit pan’. Just beautiful and great for this season.

  • Zara Home – Sleep mask

A granny I may be but ever since I started using sleep masks I can hand on heart say it’s allowed me to have a much smoother less disrupted sleep. Zara do great ones.

  • Zara Home – Knitted socks

Nothing I like better than being cosy and ‘proper toasty’ in the colder months. These socks are perfect for around the house.

  • Ugg -Slippers

Speaking of toasty feet, every time I imagine my tootsies emerged in these I get excited (God, am I really weird?!) These slippers look so comfy and inviting, these are definitely going on the Christmas list if not purchased beforehand.

  • Meli Melo – Clutch Bag

I told you it was love. Seriously, if you haven’t done already please check them out. The bags are so well made and although expensive not nearly as over-priced as some designers. If you’re not sure they have a shop in Notting Hill, go check it out!

  • Jo Malone – Cardamom and Mimosa candle

Wow! I normally know what I like fragrance wise but I can honestly so this has completely knocked anything else I’ve ever smelt out of the ball park! I know fragrance is a such a personal thing and whilst I would never buy a perfume for a friend as a gift without knowing they loved it, I would run the risk on this. I have the perfume already (obviously I was practically bashing down Brook Streets door to get it!) but I am hankering after this candle badly.

  • Whistles – Fringed bag

Sorry, I know, three bags!! I just can’t help myself. This just looks like such a cool bag to ‘casually’ wear either going shopping or for lunch, even to a bar.  Whistles do some lovely leather goods, from small clutch bags to larger totes. I think excellent quality and reasonably priced for what you get.

So – that’s it. Lust list done.

What are you lusting after this Autumn?

Please send me your comments / suggestions.


5 thoughts on “My Autumn lust list

  1. Hols you have just made my birthday and Christmas shopping for you a whole world easier!

    Loving your blogs so fat darling.. you really are a cooking and style inspiration! xxxx


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